Impactful Water Conservation Methods

Some indirect but impactful water conservation methods, tried and tested , POSITIVE!

1. Mulch: not only in monsoon but more during summer. Prevent moisture loss from soil

2. Water your garden early morning or late evenings.

3. Grow indigenous variety( less maintenance and adaptive)

4. Go as natural on ur plants as possible. Use cow dung based products. More chemicals means more thirst that ur plants experience.

5. Use up ur terrace space even if small. Use fabric or uocycled plastic planters with 70% leaf mold/compost and less soil. Keeps the place cool and isn’t heavy too.

6. Try reusing water. Water from the washing machine, from kitchen( washed cereals, pulses, fruits and veggies) can be used for plants.

7. Use ur kitchen waste to make compost, use it for plants and experience the plethora of benefits including water conservation!

Simple, no?

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